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Preparations for the implementation of internationally recognized systems began concurrently with the company’s start-up in order to demonstrate the company’s lasting commitment and dedication to quality, customer satisfaction, environmental protection, and health and workplace safety. Since, 8 June 2009, we have become the proud owners of the following certificates:

ISO 9001 — Quality Management System

The Quality Management System is a continual process that requires constant monitoring, alignment and improvement of all the processes and activities of an organization. The certificate obliges us to maintain high quality and continuously monitor quality management standards and requirements. It certifies that quality management is applied in all segments and across all operating levels, including the participation of all of our employees, while the satisfaction of users of services, our employees and all our stakeholders remain our main objective.

ISO 14001 — Environmental Management System

The purpose of any solid and established environmental management system is to supervise and continuously reduce the negative impact of processes and activities of an organization or facility on the environment and natural resources. This certificate encourages us constantly to improve our attitude toward the environment through compliance with regulations, the prevention of pollution and continuous improvement of environmental awareness based on the use of renewable energy sources and sustainable development. Through our example we also hope to encourage other parties to become environmentally aware and responsible individuals or organizations.

ISO 45001 — Health and Workplace Safety Management System

We want to provide a safe work environment for our employees and we believe that a systematic approach to health and workplace safety management represents the basis of a partnership to deal with this important area of work and labor relations. The standard has been introduced to manage efficiently health and workplace safety risks, reduce the potential for work-related injuries and professional illnesses, follow the law and other requirements, provide training and education for employees, respond promptly in emergencies, measure results and propose improvements.


FSC® CoC (Forest Stewardship Council®) – certified chain of care for the sustainable development of world forest resources, forest eco-systems and environmental balance

FSC® CoC certificate attests the chain of care for the sustainable development of world forests, forest eco-system and environmental balance. The chain of care supports the FSC certified material through the production process from the forests to the consumer, including all interphases and all proprietors in the production chain are required to hold the FSC certificate, so that the final product can be designated as FSC. Those designations represent the link between responsible production and consumption, i.e. they enable their consumers to opt for a socio-environmentally responsible purchase. The products with FSC designations are traceable because FSC CoC requires documentation traceability from the beginning of production of the raw material to its manufacture, i.e. delivery of the finished product to the client, implying that all participants in the production chain are required to hold the FSC certificate.

FSC® CoC is an independent non-governmental organisation established in view of promoting a responsible world forests management. One of the tasks of the FSC organisation is to establish a standard whose application would ensure the promotion of environmentally responsible, socially useful work and economically sustainable management of world forest resources. There are three types of categories/designations of products:

FSC 100%
Products with FSC 100% designation entirely originated from the forests in compliance with the certified FSC norm.

Products with FSC Mix designation support responsible forest management at the world level. The wood originated from certified well-managed forests, controlled sources and/or recycled material.

FSC Recycled
Products with FSC Recycled designation support the reuse of products obtained from the forests and use only recycled/used wood or fibres in line with the FSC norms.

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