Offset print

Offset print

Embark on new era of innovation

Pure intensity LED-UV printing is a synonym for the innovative printing technology.

The main part of the innovation is the LED-UV lamps, which are located at the end part of the colour printing press. LED-UV lamps emit light of a certain wavelength, under which influence a special printing ink dries immediately on the surface of the paper. Therefore, the prints are ready for further processing immediately upon exiting the printing press. The whole process from receiving the graphic preparation to the delivery of the finished product takes less time.

The benefits of the new technology speak for themselves. Both the printing experts and our clients are simply overwhelmed!  The difference between classic offset printing and Pure intensity LED-UV printing can be seen immediately.

The permanently reliable print is in line with the test print.
The usual colour changes of the impression during drying are a thing of the past

Excellence in every detail
Pure intensity LED-UV printing ensures flawless dot sharpness of the printed element and supports reproduction of fine lines and sharp edges. The quality of the captured image is preserved!

Good, better, LED-UV
Top result. Pure intensity LED-UV printing ensures better contrast and crystalline, saturated colours. The print quality on uncoated paper is simply breath-taking!

Quality you can feel
There's no longer need for varnishing and powdering the prints in order to protect the colour and quality of the print, and the feel of the paper under your finger is still preserved!

Offset print
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