Direct mailing

Why mailing?

Mailing includes personalized sale letters the companies send their customers, clients, partners, i.e. their target group. Whether the company’s goal is to boost sales, awareness, send a birthday card for their client’s birthday or something else, direct mailing is always a good choice because it will directly reach the right person. The purpose of mailing is to evoke the customer’s emotions, create loyalty, increase and expand the customer base, and, most importantly, increase the company’s sale results through personalization, appealing text and visual appearance.

For its feedback and long-term benefit, mailing is considered an investment instead of an expense.

What should mailing look like?

1. Attractive design
Since the customer meets with advertising materials on daily basis in his/her mailbox, mailing should certainly be of different format, attractive and appealing to the eye.

2. Personalized teaser
After the customer has noticed your mailing among the rest of the mail, we have reached the crucial 3rd second of his/her attention when personalization kicks in and when he/she notices his/her name and message by which the company evokes a certain emotion. The purpose of this moment is to create in a recipient a sense of exclusivity, being special and cause the further reading of the sale text.

3. Simplicity
The formula “less is more” applies for personalized sale letters as well, and the recipient should not find it difficult to open the mailing, and the letter should not contain too much text, but a visually centered basic message and purchase benefits. Other information should be directed to the website or other contact pages.

4. Clear sale message
Centered sale message should be designed to favor the target group with its expressive style and, following the personalized teaser, further evoke the primary positive emotion which causes the customer to execute the purchase. The message should be clear, understandable and call to action.

5. Coupon/ special benefit
A perforated coupon has proved to be an excellent tool causing the customer to act. By personalizing the coupon, you are letting the customer know that a certain benefit was intended solely for him/her. Setting an expiry date of the coupon usability is also a good way to make the customer act upon it sooner.

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