Monographs and Photo-monographs

Why monograph?

Monograph is a book which covers a certain topic in great detail. It is classified as a scientific work and envisaged to function on its own, without sequels although there are certainly exceptions made in several volumes. This publication presents a scientific research, new information which influence the author’s progress in a certain line of work, his/her career, biography of a certain person or a collection of life works of a certain artist, photographer… Besides through an exhibition (if you are an artist) or a scientific journal if you are a scientist, in which other way does your target audience have a chance to see all your works in one place when they want to? For that reason we believe that a monograph, i.e. photo-monograph is an ideal way to compile all your life works.

What should it look like?

As with any other book, the cover is the key element. It is a well-known recipe: a carefully selected photograph combined with excellent font and target title, which will make your cover desirable and conspicuous. The content of the monograph, i.e. photo-monograph is your life work which is already significant enough. High-quality photographs which should also be immaculately edited, interesting accompanying text, moderate but expressive titles (you do not want all the attention to be drawn to the font), professionally selected paper, hard covers…

What does our offer include?

As with book printing, Printera has, in its long-time work and tradition, printed many monographs and photo-monographs. We offer all types of paper you can imagine, hard and soft covers made of canvas, vinyl, silk or paper, with sewn, glued or spiral binding, flat or rounded back…

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