Why magazines?

Magazines are a good source of information, entertainment, relaxation, fun; they represent habit, need and culture of life. There are non-scientific and scientific magazines. Obviously, the scientific magazines are published by academic and scientific institutions, whereas the non-scientific magazines are exactly the opposite. Edited by publishing houses, they are usually specialized for a specific topic like cars, children, music, fashion, sport, politics, computers…Each magazine has its own target audience which eagerly expects it each month. Our small market is proud to offer a rich variety of magazines; from the ones you can purchase at the kiosk and other points of sale to specialized ones, such as B2B (business to business) magazines created by many companies in order to keep their clients and/or consumers informed about their own business operations or business trends. There are internal magazines created by larger companies for their employees in order to keep them informed about all the news and activities within the company. They are, therefore, an extremely desirable product!

What should they look like?

More than anything, a magazine should have a soul. But, it depends on the editor making it. Our task is to provide the quality of performance. Certainly, the first thing that will draw you to a certain magazine among many others displayed is the cover. It has to be representative. The magazine masthead, i.e. its logo is in the upper portion, central photograph in the middle, surrounded by hit headlines which represent teasers for your readers. The central photograph should be well-edited and without “excessive” content, it should be able to contain visible headlines. You can play with two or three fonts. The majority of covers are glossy, except those made from recycled paper; you can even consider a fifth color which will add extra dimension. Your future reader creates his/her first impression based on the cover, so make sure it is really exceptional. The inside of the magazine is on a different paper. You decide on the content on your own, so make sure the execution of the preparation you send to us is done properly, with visible fonts, not too dark background, and high resolution photographs.

What does our offer include?

Printera has a long-time experience in printing magazines. We have available capacities, an expert team which will help with the preparation, the designers who can design your magazine, the technology for exceptional print, a large selection of paper, quality colors and all the necessary finishing processes.

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